You are an entrepreneur.
Your finance partner should be too.


Our team combines expert advice with access to capital.

You are the driving force behind your business.  That means you need your eyes on the road and a team you can count on.

Our team of experts works with you to help take advantage of funding opportunities you may not have known you had.

With the right advice, the right connections, and the right team, your business can reach new heights faster than you would believe.

Financing from $100,000 to $200,000,000

We identify new finance opportunities for your Canadian business.

Bank Financing

We work closely with the top bankers at each major bank in Canada, providing our clients with access to executive-level service and programs.

Business Grants

We identify possible grant and subsidy opportunities, facilitating the entire application process with our grant expert partners on your behalf.

Growth Capital

We orchestrate funding with over 40 different debt and equity funds with different niches and programs for all types of businesses.

Growth Network Opportunities

Joint Venture Opportunities
Business Plan and Pitch Deck Writing
Branding, Web and Logo Design

BDC Financing

Our strong relationships with BDC allows us to not only increase the chances of approvals, but expedite the process entirely.

Strategic Financing Advisory

We identify optimal exit strategies and work hands on with your team to raise enterprise value.  "From Startup to exit"

Some of the business banks we work great with

We work closely with the teams at Canada's major financial institutions to help provide additional support to their clients.  Addtionally, our clients get to benefit from working not only with the best bank for them, but the top bankers within them.

Plus over 40 different private and alternative growth capital sources

Our Process


45 minute consultation, collect initial documents, identify opportunities

(No Cost 2-3 Business Days)


Full financial statement analysis and report, compile strategy and approval grading

($500+, 3-5 Business Days)


Agreement required to engage capital sources

(1-2 Business Days)


Procure financing, execute strategies  and begin services

(2-4% of funding amount paid after closing, any related fees as defined in agreement)

Get started with an initial review of funding opportunities with a Gatesbridge expert, free for potential new clients.

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Opportunities reviewed:  Growth Capital, Bank Financing, BDC Financing, Grants