Each member of our team brings unique skills to the table while sharing a united vision for Gatesbridge based on one thing:  a true passion for entrepreneurship.

Spencer Pallone

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Mr. Pallone guides the growth of Gatesbridge by ensuring the entire team is working together effectively towards their common goal, as well as building industry relationships to find new ways to add value to Gatesbridge clients and shareholders alike.

Pablo Leites

Chief Operations Officer

As COO, Mr. Leites oversees the operations of Gatesbridge, ensuring efficient processes are developed and utilized while maintaining the integrity of our standard of service to clients.

Ryan DeGobbi

President, Gatesbridge Funding

As President of Gatesbridge Funding, Mr. DeGobbi applies over a decade of corporate finance expertise to continually develop the funding portfolio of services for Gatesbridge.

Ray Kisun

Director of Special Situations Group

As Director of the Special Situations Group, Mr. Kisun tactfully deploys his vast capital market network and expertise to build enterprise value for our mature clients requiring capital over $10,000,000.

Wendy Van Donkelaar

Director of Financial Services

As Director of Financial Services, Mrs. Van Donkelaar works with clients on an ongoing basis to develop financial models, address capital issues and execute funding strategies.  She brings immense experience with several successful exits in the tech industry and has helped closed numerous seed and series rounds for her clients.

Dawson Drolet

Manager - SR&ED

As Grant Manager for the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Grant in partnership with CATAX, Mr. Drolet is a valuable addition to the team and facilitates the utilization of the SR&ED program across Canada.

Craig Arnatt

President, Gatesbridge Insurance

As President of Gatesbridge Insurance, Mr. Arnatt brings 12 years of insurance brokerage ownership experience to the team and oversees the operations and growth for the division.