LEGACY: Latin Origin “Legatus” Meaning "Person Delegated"

Why is the origin of the word legacy important?  Today we understand legacy as the lasting story of our impact on the world and the values we believe in.  We all hope our legacy shows that we have done something of value and acted in an admirable way.

How does one’s legacy provide value for others?  We instinctively model our values after legacies of those we find admirable.  Great leaders of history are a source of inspiration and value that we use to better ourselves.  In this way our legacy acts as a blueprint to a meaningful life, expressed through the stories of our embodied values, actions, and impact.

“Person Delegated”

The legacy we choose to leave behind is a delegation of our character; a call to action for others to embody the same values that shaped our identity and to craft their own legacy,  carrying those values forward into the future once again.

Leaders have a duty to ensure that the legacy of their organization is an admirable one as well, one that every person involved is aligned with and proud of creating. 

You are an entrepreneurial leader.  We are your partner in-confidence; opening gates, building bridges to support you, and welcoming you into a community where you belong. Through our experience and our values of honesty, integrity, innovation, and clarity, together we design your legacy to be one to admire.

We are the architects of entrepreneurship, and your legacy is our legacy.